Young Woman Likely Dies While Texting

According to Harris County Sheriff’s deputies on the scene, 21-year-old woman was killed in a violent pickup truck rollover wreck in the 30000 block of Huffman Cleveland Road in Huffman, a small community in the northeast corner of Harris County just after midnight on November 9th, which virtually destroyed the young woman’s vehicle. According to witnesses, the woman’s truck suddenly appeared to fishtail as she was heading southbound, then it left the pavement, rolled over several times and smashed cab roof-first into a large pine tree, the force of the impact completely collapsing the passenger compartment and instantly crushing the victim to death. There were no other occupants in the truck and no other vehicles were involved in the mishap. Alcohol does not initially appear to have been a factor and, although fatigue could have contributed to causing the mishap, deputies suspect the more likely cause to be that she was texting while driving as her crushed cell phone was found only inches from her hand, but investigation of the tragedy continues and will include autopsy toxicology results and a check of her cell phone records.