Woman Survives Near-Death Crash

Old soldiers like to say that, If it ain’t your time, you got nuthin’ to worry about no matter how many bullets are zinging around. And, maybe that really is true. As proof, at about 1:15 pm on Thursday, January 11th, a large 18-wheeler fell off an overpass on I-69 in Sugar Land right on top of a car below, yet the adult female driver of the car survived to tell the tale.

According to Sugar Land Police officers on the scene, the truck’s adult male driver tried to avoid an accident when his rig jack-knifed, flipped over the edge of the overpass and falling to the pavement below on the frontage road at University. Fortunately, the big rig’s trailer was empty, so when it landed squarely on the car below, the woman driver was able to crawl out of it to safety with only relatively minor injuries…and a hell of a story to tell!

She was taken to an area hospital for treatment of those injuries and shock, but is expected to fully recover. The truck’s driver was also taken to an area hospital as a precaution, and was treated and released. Another vehicle was slightly hit by falling debris in the incident, but no one in that vehicle was injured. Several lanes of the frontage road as well as the freeway were closed for a few hours to allow treatment of the victims, and to clear wreckage and investigate, but they have all since reopened. Pretty darn amazing to anybody but old soldiers!

While this young lady was very fortunate, most drivers who do battle with a truck are not so lucky. We have represented hundreds of victims of trucking accidents, often to very large settlements and verdicts. Experience is important when you hire a lawyer.