Woman Dies in Roadway Collision

For presently unknown reasons, at about 9:45 am on Thursday, February 8th, the adult female driver of a Volvo traveling on Almeda suddenly veered into on-coming traffic just south of Reed Road in southwest Houston and slammed head-on into an 18-wheeler, causing the big rig to jack-knife across several lanes and collide with a pickup headed in the same direction. The 18-wheeler ended up on some railroad tracks adjacent to the roadway and all lanes of traffic on the roadway came to a complete stop. Shortly after first responders arrived on the scene, a very distraught man drove up and told officers his wife takes this route every day to work and that he had not heard from her. When he saw the smashed Volvo involved he burst into tears and raced to it. Presumably, his wife was the driver of that vehicle and she was pronounced dead at the scene. The big rig’s driver was taken to an area hospital in stable condition and the pickup’s driver was unhurt. All traffic on Almeda remained closed for several hours so the collision could be investigated, the victims tended to and the wreckage removed. Investigation of the tragedy continues, and will include standard autopsy toxicology tests to determine if the deceased woman was taking some sort of medication or may have suffered a medical problem or became distracted.

Tragedies like this can occur so quickly it seems numbing. If you or a loved one is ever injured in a vehicular collision, please call us to see if we can help. For several decades we have been dealing with these sorts of incidents and bringing their victims the justice they deserve.