Woman Dies Pushing Grocery Cart

Normally, pushing a cart full of groceries is not a lethal exercise. But, sadly, it turned out to be just that for an unidentified Houston woman who was struck and killed by a minivan as she tried to push her cart of groceries across Wirt Road near Kilborn in northwest Houston at about 9:00 pm on Tuesday, October 3rd. The victim purchased her groceries at a Fiesta store, crossed the parking lot and went out into the street where she apparently did not see the approaching minivan driven by an adult female. The driver couldn’t stop in time or swerve to avoid the cart and pedestrian, so she struck both. The victim was taken by ambulance to an area hospital in critical condition, but died shortly after arrival. The driver remained on the scene and cooperated with HPD officers who arrived to investigate. As she was not intoxicated or speeding, she was not ticketed and no charges are expected in the tragedy. No details were immediately available as to whether the incident occurred in a marked crossing or what the lighting or weather conditions were, but at present the matter seems to be closed.