Tainted Alcohol in Mexico Raises Tourist Concerns

The U. S. State Department has issued an alert to tourists planning on visiting Mexico regarding counterfeit alcoholic products which can cause sudden blackouts and illness, especially if consumed in quantity. Vacationers are encouraged to drink at reputable establishments, in moderation and to stop drinking immediately and seek medical attention if there are any signs of illness. That’s easier said than done when you have a good buzz going, but this is for real. The alert stems from an investigation by a Milwaukee newspaper into the death of a local woman during a trip to Mexico. And, her case was particularly troubling because she apparently received tainted drinks at an all-inclusive resort, not some nondescript dive. Subsequently, there have been approximately three dozen complaints of illness and problems which were disproportionate to the amounts of alcohol consumed. Surely, the reputable Mexican alcoholic beverage manufactures, of which there are many excellent ones, are as worried about this as our State Department seems to be. Depressed tourism and avoiding alcohol are serious blows to such industries. But, for now, caution is the word when you travel south of the border.