Serious Recall Hasn’t Had Right Impact

Ikea is known worldwide for its trendy, inexpensive, do-it-yourself furniture and most of the novel and innovative stuff it sells is of excellent quality. However, a recall of a bureau it sells which can tip over and crush or suffocate small children, which was announced in June, 2016, hasn’t reached all the people who need to know about it. The company’s CEO acknowledged in an announcement issued Tuesday, November 13th, that eight children nationally have been killed beneath bureaus that fell over, and the company needs to amp its recall effort up.

The problem bureau is a children’s three-drawer wooden unit made in various sizes by Malm Corp. Typically, the bureaus are 23.5 – 29.5 inches tall. If secured to the wall behind it, the bureaus work fine. But if not, they have a tendency to tip forward and onto a child using a drawer. The latest victim is a 2-year-old who lived in Buena Park, California. Ikea posted notice of the initial recall through social media, its official website and TV and print ads, but unfortunately many purchasers have still not received it. Two months ago, the company sent out 13 million emails, but even that effort failed to notify all the purchasers of the bureaus. So, the company, in conjunction with the CPSC, is issuing yet another recall.

If you have purchased a Malm bureau for your kids at Ikea, please immediately make sure it is properly anchored or return it to the store of purchase for a full refund.