Metro Bus Collision Injures Four

At about 7:30 pm on Sunday, November 12th, the driver of a Houston Metro bus tried to avoid colliding with another vehicle which ran a stop sign at the intersection of Tierwester and Corder on Houston’s southeast side, but while that collision was averted, the bus slammed into the side of a mobile home smashing it completely open and strewing debris over a wide area. Fortunately there were no occupants inside the mobile home, but the driver of the bus was seriously injured and taken by ambulance to an area hospital in critical condition. Three of the bus’s passengers were also injured and were taken in for treatment. The driver is expected to survive. According to Metro Police officers on the scene, investigation continues into the mishap and they are looking for the driver who started the tragic chain of events and then fled the scene. Anyone with information regarding the wreck is encouraged to call Metro Police.