Impaired Wrong-Way Driver Injures 1

Very early on the morning of Monday, November 27th, an adult male driver heading the wrong way on the Southwest Freeway near Newcastle severely injured the driver of a vehicle he struck head-on. The victim survived the crash but was taken to an area hospital in critical condition. An HPD dispatcher began receiving 911 calls from concerned motorists just after midnight, who reported that a vehicle was speeding and headed in the wrong direction for about 20 minutes, starting near the 610 Loop East before crashing near the 610 Loop West. According to HPD officers on the scene, the driver of the wrong-way vehicle appeared to be either intoxicated or under the influence of some substance and was angry, highly vocal and agitated. Indeed, although it was he who sideswiped a pickup before the more serious collision, at the scene of the latter, he accused the attending officers and first responders of “trying to kill him.” He was arrested and remains in jail pending completion of toxicology tests. If such tests confirm intoxication or drug use, the errant driver faces severe criminal charges. Two other vehicles were also involved in the mishap, but there were no other reported injuries. Investigation of the entire incident continues.