HPD Office Injured in Cruiser Wreck

Two Houston Police officers responding to a dispatch emergency call in an HPD cruiser were involved in a collision at the intersection of Homestead and Tidwell in northeast Houston at about 7:30 pm on Wednesday, November 8th. The cruiser, driven by a male officer, was headed eastbound on Tidwell with lights flashing and siren on responding to a call in rainy conditions. When it reached the intersection with Homestead it slowed and entered the crossing, where a vehicle proceeding northbound t-boned the cruiser, injuring the female officer in the cruiser’s passenger seat. According to an HPD spokesperson, another vehicle was also involved in the collision, but only the female officer was reported to be injured. However, the male officer was shaken up in the crash and was taken to the hospital as well for a precautionary check-up. The investigation continues as to the cause of the collision and as yet no citations have been issued or charges filed or any assignment of fault made.