Horrific Wreck Causes Unspecified Injuries

According to Fort Bend County Sheriff’s deputies on the scene, the unknown driver of a pickup lost control while heading south on South Mason Road at about 2:30 am on Friday, February 2nd at a very high rate of speed, which caused the pickup to jump the curb, veer into the median and slam into two large trees with such force that the truck was literally torn in two, scattering the engine and large front end pieces as far as several yards away. While unknown parties in the truck were taken to area hospitals, deputies on the scene were unable to provide any word as to the number of occupants, their medical conditions or whether any may have since died. Investigation into this odd incident remains underway and few additional details are presently available.

Speed is never a safe option and speed at night is particularly dangerous. If you or a loved one is ever hurt in a collision like this, please call us to see if we can sort out the murky details and get you the justice you deserve.