Freak Treehouse Accident Kills Small Boy

On Christmas Eve, a 4-year-old Cleveland, Texas boy tragically died while playing by himself in his backyard when a treehouse his parents had previously built for him came suddenly crashing down and crushed him. The little boy’s family, who were gathered inside their house for the holidays, heard the treehouse fall and rushed out to find out what happened. Paramedics arrived quickly, and the victim was taken by ambulance to an area hospital where he was life flighted to a major trauma center, but he died shortly after arriving there. Needless to say, the child’s family has been devastated by his sudden loss. Police officers on the scene reported the incident was just a freak accident and no charges are expected.

If your small kids have playground equipment in your backyard, whether swings, or a treehouse or anything else, please carefully inspect it frequently and carefully for rust, wood rot, rotting ropes, worn or missing or partially sheared screws, nails or bolts, or any other signs of wear, deterioration, or loss of strength or function. If any such conditions are found, please repair or replace affected parts or equipment right away. Little kids can’t do these things for themselves and the failure of equipment they play in, on and around can be dangerous or even lethal if not in good, dependable and serviceable condition.