Freak Paring Lot Accident Injures 1

At a little before 8:00 am last Friday, a 911 caller reported that a new Toyota SUV had jumped a fairly tall exterior retaining wall and plummeted from the third floor of a parking garage and was wedged between that parking lot and an adjacent building on Kirby near Seuss, not far from the Houston Medical Center. HFD first responders arrived to find the reported vehicle and they had to use the Jaws of Life to cut the SUV open and remove the driver. There was no information immediately available about the sex of the driver, who was taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition. Crews are presently removing the SUV and investigation continues as to the cause of this odd event.

Ummm, how do things like this even happen?! Needless to say, there is a lot more to this event than is presently available. But, if you or a loved one is ever injured in such remarkable circumstances, please consider calling us to see if more than just driver error might be responsible. Safe parking out there, folks!