Drunk Moron Wrecks House

At about 4:00 am on Monday, February 5th, a sleeping family of four living on Biscayne Way near John Alber, just north of Little York in near north Houston, was rudely awakened by a terrifying crash so loud they initially thought their home had been hit by a plane or some other large object crashing out of the sky. As they came to their senses, the parents ran into the front of their extensively damaged house to find that an SUV had plowed completely through the front wall and was sitting, covered with wreckage, in the middle of their demolished dining room. Worse, the adult male driver was trying to flee the house in an obviously intoxicated condition. The father held the man down so his wife could call police and when they arrived, the driver was arrested and now faces several criminal charges. Fortunately, none of the family members was physically injured in the incident, but all of them were terrified and the parents are livid that this man could come so close to killing them and then have escape as his only motivation.

It takes a very irresponsible person to get that drunk and then drive, but it takes a completely selfish person to think that after he plowed through an occupied dwelling, risking the lives of an entire family, he could escape responsibility by running away and leaving his car at the scene. If you or a loved one is ever injured at the hands of a drunk driver, please call us. We take very seriously the business of holding people like this fully accountable, as the perpetrators obviously have no intention of doing that themselves.