Drunk Driver Wrecks Wreck Rescue

Sometime before 2:00 am on Friday, July 28th, an adult male driver and his passenger were injured in a single-vehicle wreck in the southbound lanes of the Southwest Freeway right near the Newcastle exit. Two HPD officers responded and were in the process of rescuing those victims when a drunken woman came speeding quickly into the crash scene and smashed into their cruiser. Both officers were either knocked over the ledge of the overpass or jumped to avoid being hit. One grabbed the concrete ledge and managed to avoid falling, while the other officer fell 16’ onto Newcastle’s pavement below, causing him to sustain serious injuries. Numerous additional officers quickly responded to this mess and all three injured people, the two occupants of the first vehicle and the officer who fell, were transported by ambulance to area hospitals in undetermined conditions. The drunk woman who wrecked the initial crash response, who was uninjured in her crash, was quickly arrested and transported to jail. She faces several criminal charges. Alcohol was not a factor in the initial wreck and investigation continues as to its cause.