Drunk Driver Nearly Kills Two Cops

Here’s one drunk driver who is very unlikely to get off with a wrist-slap after causing a nearly fatal collision. In the early morning of Monday, December 24th, two male HPD officers, both 25-years-old, were responding to a 911 call in an unmarked Chevy Tahoe SUV near the intersection of Telephone Road and Peekskill Lane in southwest Houston when a sedan turned right in front of them causing an immediate head-on collision. The impact caused the Tahoe to roll several times and burst into flames. The passenger officer was injured, but managed to crawl out of the burning Tahoe and, with the brave aid of a passing motorist, he was able to pull his severely injured partner from the wreckage, saving his life. The savior officer suffered numerous cuts and burns and the officer he saved suffered extensive burns on over fifty percent of his body, including his legs and lower torso. Both were taken by ambulance to Southeast Memorial Hospital, where the more seriously burned officer went straight into the first of likely many surgeries. Both officers face a long recovery, but are expected to survive. As is so often the case in these sorts of collisions, the 24-year-old adult male drunk driver who caused all this was unhurt and tried to flee the scene. He was quickly apprehended and placed under arrest and now faces numerous felony charges.

On and on and on the carnage goes, as drunk after drunk hops into a vehicle and commits mayhem on Houston’s streets. Someday, we will get serious about stopping this horrific problem, and maybe for this particular driver, the system will get very serious indeed. But, until then, watch your backs at all times Houston drivers.

If you or a loved one is ever injured in a collision involving a drunk driver, please consider calling us. We have dealt with such tragedies for decades and we are very good at holding grossly irresponsible people accountable for the horrors they cause.