Courage Counts in the Worst Times

There are no good things to say about a mass murder incident like the terrible Las Vegas concert shootings. But, even in such a horrific situation, or maybe especially because of it, courage and love of fellow humans impelled a former Marine, Taylor Winston, to shine as brightly as any top-liner marquee Las Vegas superstar. The brave Marine first threw potential victims over a fence to safety as the gunfire drew ever closer and louder; and, then he stole a truck and rushed over two dozen critically injured shooting victims to Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center, very probably saving all their lives before ambulances could make it into the chaotic scene.
Marine Winston and his girlfriend and a few friends were at the concert, watching and dancing the two-step from the side of the stage. A combat veteran, he quickly recognized the sound of gunfire and people began to frantically run and scatter. The problem was that they were hemmed in by a security fence. He also ran towards the fence and as the shots grew louder and were therefore approaching, he saw people getting hit with shots so he helped throw several people over the fence before jumping over himself. Realizing he was in a “mini war zone where we couldn’t fight back,” as soon as the shooting stopped he jumped back over the fence, stole a pickup, loaded it with over two dozen critically wounded victims and drove them to the hospital… all before the cops and ambulances could arrive to help.
In a war situation, this is the amazing stuff for which medals of valor and battlefield promotions are handed out. In this situation, Marine Winston will likely have to be satisfied by his personal sense of an important job damn well done. But, there’s something here for all of us as well. At the exact same moment when one person was revealing himself to be a satanic monster, another calmly stepped up to make us so proud of what brave people of heart can accomplish in the most awful circumstances. We saw a lot of this sort of benevolent behavior play out in innumerable small ways during and after Harvey, and now it has been demonstrated spectacularly in far more dangerous circumstances. The point of both is that even when life seems so scary and hard we are tempted to despair of living, a person shines through the black darkness to remind us that it is still beautiful after all. Semper fi, my brave friend… semper fi!