Cops Nationwide Endangered by Explorer CO Leaks

Cops’ jobs are risky enough without being exposed to carbon monoxide leaks into the passenger compartments of the police cruisers they patrol our cities in. But, according to a truly distressing August 4th CBS News report, Ford Motor Corporation, the manufacturer of Ford Explorer SUVs which are used by police departments nationwide, is very close to announcing a major voluntary recall of those vehicles because CO fumes are seeping into the cruisers and sickening officers. Federal safety regulators have logged literally thousands of such reports about what is supposed to be a state-of-the-art police interceptor. According to a Montgomery County, Virginia investigation now underway, most of that county’s 108 Ford Explorer cruisers are plagued with cracked exhaust manifolds, the part that carries exhaust from the engine to the tailpipe and runs beneath the length of the passenger compartment. Indeed, they believe as many as 80% of the county’s vehicles have this serious defect. When present, fumes from the engine, passing through the cracked manifold, seep through ventilation vents and into the vehicle carrying deadly CO, a tasteless, odorless gas which is lethal to humans above a relatively small concentration. When issued, the recall will affect a remarkably high number of police departments nationwide, as this vehicle is very popular and widely used. So, if you own a Ford Explorer, you will surely want to watch news reports and keep up with the recall’s details. Please know that we sure will!