Beware Fake Astros Souvenirs

In winning the 2017 World Series in spectacular fashion, Houston’s beloved Astros proved they are the absolute real deal! But, sadly, thanks to a hoard of cash-in-quick rip-off artists springing up all over the Houston area, the same cannot be said of many Astros commemorative memorabilia presently for sale. A local TV station’s investigative team scouted Houston on Friday, November 10th and quickly turned up numerous sales kiosks and “pop up vendors” on street corners all over the place selling “Crush City” swag of all sorts. Admittedly, authentic MLB souvenirs usually have a hefty price, $35 for hats, $150 for jerseys, etc., and while it might be tempting to buy similar knock-offs for as little as $10-$20, the problem will come later, when folks who unwittingly receive the latter think they have the real thing. That’s because sports memorabilia tend to escalate in value over time, (try buying a real Babe Ruth jersey for less than about a million bucks these days), and it’s reasonable to consider them investments. But, in 20 or 30 years, who will want to pay big bucks for a fake? Not many. So, buy all the goodies you want, my fellow Astros fans, but please go in with your eyes as wide open as they were for each of Springer’s and the guys’ home runs!